My Time In Hell
   --- Suicide Prevention Tips Gleaned from 8 Years in a Cubicle

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If you have ever felt alone and hopeless drowning in a sea of despair while sitting in your cubicle, then this is the book for you. Inside these pages, the author takes an up close and personal look at the modern office. The picture that emerges is sometimes funny, sometimes sad, and always brutally honest.

Inside you will learn cubicle self-defense including the following:

  • How to use mindless jargon to win friends and impress your boss
  • How to use meetings and conference calls to beat any opponent into submission
  • How to use the rescue call to save yourself from co-workers who insist on talking to the back of your head all day
  • The truth behind cubicles - they were never meant to be 

Most importantly you will learn that if you really want out of your cubicle, you are not crazy, you are not alone, and there really is hope. © Tiny Tree Publishing 2012